Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Here is a pic of the shield design for the Roman Blade element. The design is a bit rough and will need tidying, but I think the overall concept works.


Progress has been a bit slow this week, but here are a couple of pics of the cavalry figures. The first is a work in progress. There are two of these figures who will both be painted in the same colours. Technique is the tried and trusted black base with white drybrush. Plus the old stick up the bum method!
The pic below is the completed third rider. (I say completed, but from looking at this pic, I see the shield needs a bit of tidying up!)He looks like an officer to me, so has been given a slightly richer colour scheme than his two outriders! The horse has yet to be painted (obviously!)

Friday, 6 April 2007

Pictures - at last

Above and below are two pictures of the completed 4Ax element - better pics than my previous post. Bases have been given a coat of watered down PVA glue, then dipped in coarse sand. This is the first stage of basing .... more on basing later.

Here are the 2 elements of 2Ps. Figures are th same as the ones used for the 3Bw, and thus the techniques used to paint them are exactly the same - just different colours.

Here we have the 2LH element. Horses and riders were supplied as separate castings, so I mounted the riders on cocktail sticks prior to priming them in black. I did this by drilling up between the legs with a pin vice (ouch!!) and then jamming the cocktail stick in the hole (ouch again!!). Following that the techniques used for painting are exactly the same as for the foot figures. Horses were painted using a black undercoat with white drybrush. I then washed the while figure with a colour slightly darker than the intended final horse colour. On top of this I drybrushed the actual horse colour. Manes and tails were then added, as was a wash of thinned black on the shins. The same wash was used to black line the details. Finally straps etc were painted in, plus the hooves. Riders stuck to horses using superglue, and hey presto another element closer to a completed army.

This is the General's 4Kn element. Fairly straightforward to paint the riders. I drilled up between their legs, and mounted each on a cocktail stick prior to priming them in black. They were then dry-brushed with silver, before the details were added in. Most of the riders have full face masks, except for the guy on the far right of the pic, who has been painted with an open faced helm.