Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Progress to date

Here are all the completed elements to date: 2x4Kn (incl. general), 1x3Cv, 1x2LH, 1x4Bw, 2x3Bw, 2x2Ps, 1x4Ax - 10 elements in total. Still to do :1x4Kn, 1x4Bd, 2x4Bw


...and here is the second element of 3Bw. Similar in style to the first, but with different coloured trousers. Still got the red plumes though.


The second completed 4Kn element. Painting technique as before - essentially a silver drybrush over a black undercoat.


Here is the finished cavalry element, riders glued on horses once the sticks were removed from their bottoms!

Back again!

I have beeen away from the blog for a while, but I have been painting ...just not photographing. Well, I am back now and here are some updates.
Firstly, a work in progress shot of the Roman Blade. The main colours have been blocked in, no shading or lining yet. There is also a vie wof the shield showing the first stage perparation for painting the shield design. The shield has been painted white, with a yellow stripe down the middle. The design will then be painted on in red leaving the white and yellow showing through where required.