Thursday, 14 June 2007

Final Result!!

Here is a pic of the all options 14 elements in their full technicolour Palmyran glory. Overall I am please with the result. Give the choice in future, I think I would go for shield transfers rather than hand painted designs, but I suppose the hand painted version does have a certain charm to it!
At last, the army is finished, based and ready for battle!
Shown below are closer pics of all the completed elements.

3 elements of 4Kn Cataphracts including the general

1 element each of 3Cv cavalry and 2LH Horse Archers

3 elements of 4Bw regular bowmen

1 element each of 4Bd Roman legionaries and 4Ax Roman Auxiliary troops

Finally 2 elemnts each of 3Bw irregular archers and 2Ps skirmishing bowmen