Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A change is as good as a rest

I find that my interest for a particular painting project des seem to fluctuate ...attention span of a goldfish sometimes! So I recently dug out some Corvus Belli Numidians I have had knocking round for ages, and decided to slap some paint on to get my eye in. Here are the results:

The Army Arrayed

5 elements of 2Ps

Combination of sling and bow

5 elements of 2LH

Both options for the general's element
2LH or 3CV

Roman trained Immitation Legionaries (4Bd)

6 elements of Auxilia - 5 of 3Ax,

and if you look carefully you will see one element of 4Ax

The army again

This time from a slightly different angle

I really enjoyed this little diversion. They were the first Corvus Belli figures I have painted, and I think they are absolutely superb figures. A little on the large side, but the sculpting and detail are fantastic.

Some movement!

At last some minor progress!!
The first two blade figues painted! (woo hoo)

The blades, as stated earlier will be more uniform in appearance ... primarily to make it easier to distinguish them from the spears. I have also trimmed the plume off of the helmet of one of the figures, I don't know why .... just felt like it!!

Also, transfers have been added to the shields of the first two elements of spear.