Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A change is as good as a rest

I find that my interest for a particular painting project des seem to fluctuate ...attention span of a goldfish sometimes! So I recently dug out some Corvus Belli Numidians I have had knocking round for ages, and decided to slap some paint on to get my eye in. Here are the results:

The Army Arrayed

5 elements of 2Ps

Combination of sling and bow

5 elements of 2LH

Both options for the general's element
2LH or 3CV

Roman trained Immitation Legionaries (4Bd)

6 elements of Auxilia - 5 of 3Ax,

and if you look carefully you will see one element of 4Ax

The army again

This time from a slightly different angle

I really enjoyed this little diversion. They were the first Corvus Belli figures I have painted, and I think they are absolutely superb figures. A little on the large side, but the sculpting and detail are fantastic.

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