Thursday, 4 March 2010


True to my chaotic and apparently random painting tradition, I have started another army! This time its a Seleucid army I have had kicking about for a year or so. I bought it to make up the II/19b list, and just never got round to painting it. I made a start, but it just kind of petered out.

I decided that I would get the 4 elements of pike knocked out, deciding to go for speed rather than beauty. The photo of the progress to date is shown below.

The figures are Magister Militum Seleucid Phalangites (code SEL007). The figures are depicted wearing trousers in the Eastern style, and Phrygian type helmets. I painted the clothing a mixture of bright colours, indicating that my phalangites have fallen under the influence of Eastern decadence! The shields have VVV shield transfers applied. Painting was in a very quick block colour, klear wash technique. Not the nicest figures I have ever painted, but they'll do.

You may have spotted that the front two elements have a gap at the ends of their bases. The reason for this is that given Magister Militum figures are quite slender, having the regulation 4 figures per element leaves them looking a little too spaced out for my liking. I see a phalanx as being much a more closely packed shoulder-to-should affair. The gaps you see will be filled with an extra figure - standard bearer or command figure, just so the front rank elements can look more densely packed. I will post a better pic when the elements are finished.

This photo shows the elements I had completed prior to starting on the pikes. From left to right, a war elephant, an element of Galatian mercenary warband (4Wb), and element of Greek auxilia (4Ax) and a scythed chariot and driver. All the figures are by Magister Militum, except for the Scythed Chariot, which is by Museum Miniatures - I just preferred it to the MM version.

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Margaret said...

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