Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Auxilia continued

Another painting session under my belt, and an element of Allied Roman Auxilia complete.

The techniques are much the same as for the earlier figs. A black undercoat, and a silver dry brush. The colours blocked in, starting with the flesh and then the tunic. After that came the belts and the frilly skirt thing (the name escapes me - but I know it starts with a p!). The shield painted in white ready for the yellow main colour. Finally detail picked out with thinned black. I didn't wash the flesh with brown, because I wanted the skin tone to be lighter than the native Palmyrans.


Nina said...
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A Heart Pumping Nitro said...

I know this post was made years ago but I'm curious. Why did you dry brush the whole miniature in silver? I would think a quick and dirty silver dry brush over the armored areas - with tolerance for spill over - would suffice.

I like the idea of doing the silver first and I use a similar technique though from here on I'll be sure to do the silver before the other colors.