Tuesday, 13 March 2007

...and so on to the other bow figure included in the army pack. I think this figure is much better suited to a Palmyran army - looking much more "local". I guess the argument is that the other guys are Roman allied troops. 1. As before, a black undercoat with a white drybrush over the top.
2. Basic colours are blocked in. I chose a maroon colour for the tunic for a number of reasons, but mainly a) I like it! and b) I am led to believe that the Palrymans favoured it too! The red hat is to add a bit of colour, and also because I want the red to become an accent colour running through the whole army. White trousers to stop the figure looking too dull.
3. The plan here is to paint a green stripe around the hem and cuffs of the tunic. If the green was painted directly over the maroon, it would come out a very muddy colour, so I have put a white band on first as a base for the green.
4. The green has been added, and when dry I used the original maroon to go over the edges and tidy up the stripe.

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