Monday, 28 January 2008

..and so the paints come out!

...And so to the first figure, one of the converted spearmen, wearing a plumed Montefortino type helmet, a bronze cuirass and carrying a hoplon shield. I usually paint in batches, but the first figure of any type I always paint in it's entirity start to finish to give me a feel for the miniature.

1. The first stage as always is to undercoat the figure, my usual technique, and the one used here is to undercoat in matt black.
2. Once the black undercoat is dry, I then drybrush with white. This picks out the detail, and the lighter colour means that the brightness of the colours painted over the top is retained.
3. Then the main colours are blocked in, leaving some of the black base coat showing at the joins. This first stage usually looks qhite rough, but the later stages will tidy the miniature up.

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