Monday, 28 January 2008

Second spearman

So here is a work in progress shot for the second type of spearman, this time with an Etrusco-Corinthian helmet and hoplon shield. The black undercoat/white drybrush stage showed up that he was wearing a scale type cuirass rather than what I thought was a linen or leather one. As a result of this discovery, I drybrushed the whole figure with a bronze colour as it was easier to do at this stage than trying to do it only on the cuirass after the rest of the colours were done. Next was the basic colour blocking-in. The spear armed hoplites will be painted in various colours for variety and visual impact. The pilum armed guys I think will be painted in a consistent, uniform colour. This is for two reasons: firstly, on a whim (!) and secondly, as the figures look so similar, this will be a way to easily distinguish between troop types during the game.

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