Monday, 28 January 2008

First figure done

The first spearman is now finished. A thinned down brown wash was brushed over the whole figure, adding depth to the recesses, but still reaving the main colours showing through. Once that was dry (which didn't take long when balanced on top of a radiator whilst the heating was on!) thinned dark brown was used to pick out some of the detail missed by the wash - things like muscle definition on the flesh areas, and some folds on the clothing.Gold was used to highlight the bronze areas, belts were painted in, and a light flesh tone used to highlight areas like cheekbones, the nose and the knuckles. I also painted a couple more coats of thinned white paint to the face of the shield. I will be using transfers for the shield designs, but that will come later.

There you have it, one finished Etruscan spearman. He won't win any prizes in a painting competition, but still done to what I like to think is a very acceptable gaming standard.

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