Tuesday, 5 May 2009

12th Element

Here is the last element needed for a full Western Patrician Roman army. Clibanarii based as a 3Kn, with the option to use as a Kn general should the mood take me. The standard bearer is a Magister Militum figure (SPQR64), with the original flag pole removed, and a wire one added for resilience. The general, his horse and the other rider are Essex Miniatures figures, left over from an earlier project. I have replaced the lance with a wire spear, and bent the arm a bit so it can rest on the rider's shoulder.
The army is not all-options yet, but at least I now have a DBA legal 12 element army I can field. I will continue adding to it to cover all options for East and West.
All I need do now is complete the basing - more on that soon.

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