Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Patricians Finished

So, here we are ... 12 elements of Patrician Romans complete, painted and based in what must be a record time for me - just over a month!

The make up is as follows:
1 x 3Cv (Gen)
2 x 3Kn (although one is actually a 4Kn!)
1 x 4Bd
2 x 4Ax
4 x 4Wb
1 x 2Ps
1 x 2LH

The army arrayed in all its glory

The 4 elements of Roman horse

The regular foot - one element of Legoinaries and two of Auxilia

The Foederati, four warband and one Psiloi

Same Army, different angle - cummin atchya
I will paint up a couple more elements of warband, four more auxilia, another light horse two cavalry and some Psiloi I think. That should give me enough to be able to field all options East and West Patrician, but that will be for a later date.
I might knock out some Donnington Dacians next, or shall I finish my half-done Hittite Empire .... then again there is always that bunch of Seleucids in the box ...... not forgetting the Etruscan League ......... mumble mumble .........................

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