Thursday, 7 May 2009

Barbarian Horse

This is a Magister Militum "Buscelarii" figure from their Goth Range. The original figure had a big plume sticking out of thr top of his hat, and was holding a javelin. I decided to takethe plume off, and add a longer spear/lance. I also added an Essex Miniatures shield (because I lost the original ones that came with the figure!!) The reason for changing the weapon was that in the Patrician lists, I believe the 3Kn reference relates to indiginous barbarians working for the Romans. It just doesn't work for me, the thought of a javelin armed knight!! The addition of the lance is in keeping, I think, with the Knight designation. I am very pleased with the endr result, and when his two mates are added, will provide a generic dark age horse element, suitable for everything from Goth through Lombard to Gepid.

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