Sunday, 10 May 2009

Roman Progress

First up is the completed barbarian cavalry/knight element. I am quite pleased with these, just a fairly average paintjob overall, but I spent some time and effort on the shields which I think has lifted the element. I will get a few more of these done - maybe even enough to provide a barbarian enemy for the Romans. For the time being, these guys will be a Foederati 3Kn contingent for the Patricians. The figures are by Magister Militum - DARK003.

Next up is another Auxilia element. Less well equipped than the Auxilia Palatina I have already done. Their equipment is more suited to the 3rd and 4th centuries, so my argument is that these guys are a unit of Pseudocomitatensis, hastily recruited and equipped. I have painted them as a rough approximation to the Transtigriani, which according to my (albeit limited) research were a unit of Persian exiles, forming part of the forces of the Eastern Empire. Having said that, the hair and skin colour I have used don't really fit with the Persian Exiles theme ... I have to admit I hadn't thought of that till I finished them!! The figures are Magister Militum SPQR26.

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